Chevy Volt Song & Dance Caught on Video

GM fans at the Los Angeles Auto show have been treated to a choreographed song and dance in celebration of Chevy’s upcoming Volt. Thanks (I think) to an observer with a video camera the rest of us can also… um… enjoy this performance.

Apparently GM plans to take this show on the road to other auto shows on the Volt’s itinerary. You may still get your chance to see it in person!
Be sure to check out the youtube video. Nothing says “green” like hippies and break dancing right? Am I right? And my absolute favorite part is where they… wait, it was terrible. Nevermind.

Will this kill Chevy’s chances of selling any volts? They will sell, but let’s hope they don’t suffer the fate of the EV1. I’d buy a Volt over a Prius or an Insight in a heartbeat. And let’s face it, I’ve always been a trend setter.



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