Review: 2010 Ford Fusion Sport

Alright, so you may be asking yourself, “What does this n00b know about car reviews?”. Well the answer is: maybe not much. So cool your jets, this isn’t Motor Trend.When the Fusion was first introduced, I wouldn’t say I was attracted to it, especially being a GM fan for the most part. I began to notice the redesigned 2010 models on the road and started paying a little more attention. Ford has impressed me during the last few years. As other automotive manufacturers have struggled to survive, Ford has steadily presented us with competitively designed, quality vehicles. I had high hopes for the Fusion and I was impressed after a test drive around the block.

It’s a sharp looking car, inside and out. There is an abundance of interior features and technologies. The power leather seat was comfortable and easily adjustable. Did I mention I’m 6’9″ tall? Leg room was comfortable with the seat all the way back but I could have used another inch or two of head room at least. I’m a gadget geek, so I like the bluetooth and sync options, although I didn’t try them out. Overall it’s a nice driving experience, although some of the controls on the center console are tough to reach from a normal driving position, and the headlight switch was difficult to locate in the dark.

The 3.5L V6 and automatic transmission quickly and smoothly got me up to highway speed with very noticeable torque steer (read: your passengers will wonder if the steering wheel is still connected). Overall the Fusion has a good stable feel while turning and breaking. The ride is smooth but sporty.

I would recommend it for drivers looking for a sedan with good compatibility for their gadgets, an interior with a modern feel, and good performance for under $30k.

[Image: Ford]


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