Special Edition Bugatti Veyrons at 2009 Dubai Motor Show

Bugatti has developed three unique Veyron variations to display at the Dubai Motor Show this year, in celebration of its centennial year. For the conclusion of it’s celebration this year, which began with “Bleu Centenaire” – a one-off Veyron featured at the Geneva Motor Show in March, Bugatti introduced the “Nocturne”, “Sang d’Argent”, and “Soleil de Nuit”.

Nocturne is a series limited to 5 units, available exclusively in the Middle East, in honor of Bugatti’s partners in that region. It’s design is highlighted by polished aluminum exterior panels, and the use of magnesium and platinum for the interior.

Sang d’Argent and Soleil de Nuit are both one-of-a-kind versions of the Veyron, designed with contrasting materials inside and out. These vehicles showcase Bugatti’s ability to develop and execute new designs and technologies in a global market.

Source: Autoblog


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