Honda’s NSX Successor: HSV-010 GT Photos and Video

Although there’s probably no chance I’d ever fit my 6’9″ self into one, I’ve always thought the NSX was a wicked cool car. Like many others, I was disappointed by the news that it would be discontinued, aside from continued use on the racetrack. Even rumors and concepts of replacements were usually a disappointment.

The Super GT racing series in Japan has seen the use of cars like the NSX and Supra beyond their mass production runs. The major Japanese manufacturers have begun replacing them with track specific race cars, one of them being Honda’s new HSV-010 GT. Motors Blog of Japan and Paul Tan have collected some great photos and short video clips of the HSV in action at Suzuka’s F1 circuit.

This car looks and sounds pretty mean. I’m glad to see Honda has continued work on the project. Having worked for one of Honda’s suppliers for the last 2 years, I’ve heard rumors of cancelled projects like this because of the economy.


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