Mazda RX-8 May be Replaced by… RX-7

It is rumored that Mazda is developing a new RX-7 that will replace the current RX-8.  The RX-7 was originally discontinued after 2002, to be replaced by the RX-8 in 2003.

The RX-8 shares the heritage of the RX-7’s rotary engine, but seems to lack it’s race car appeal  It hasn’t been a great seller either.  Mazda hopes to rejuvenate the RX-7 with a new, more powerful rotary engine, and possibly improved fuel economy.  Mazda claims the new 1.6L engine will be capable of 350 hp, although it is expected to be limited to 200-250 hp in the interest of fuel efficiency.

The reborn RX-7 is expected to debut in 2012, bringing Mazda back into the game in that segment.  It will be interesting to see the personality of the new car, considering the evolution of Mazda’s sedans over the past 10 years or so.  Cars like the Miata and Mazdaspeed 3 prove you can have lots of fun in a Mazda.  I hope to see another generation of RX-7s ready for the race track.

Source: Inside Line


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