You Drive What? and Other LOL Cars

From the creators of People of Walmart, I present… You Drive What? For those of you not familiar with user supported blogs such as these, the basic idea is that the readers submit photos and captions of odd people, places, and well, cars – for the whole world to see… and LOL at.  Made famous by forerunners like the ICHC network, this type of humor has exploded throughout the interwebs in recent history.

Most of these sites get hundreds of user submitted pictures, captions, videos and comments every day.  I make sure to check a handful of these blogs on a daily basis for a hearty dose of ROFL.  Upon arriving home from work, I treat myself to funny cats, celebrities, politicians, failers, shoppers, bombers, drivers, and now one of my favorite things… cars.  There’s nothing like laughing HARD after an unsatisfying day of work, thanks to continuous flow of LOL WUT?  Enjoy the HAHAHAHAHA!


One response

  1. Beetle comby van.. classic

    June 22, 2013 at 11:11 pm

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