Chevy Aveo RS Concept Photos

Chevy has introduced yet another uninspiring concept into the small car segment with the RS version of the Aveoooooh! Dude… did you see those pictures? Ok, I take it back. That’s actually a pretty gnarly looking hatchback. The RS has been given much more aggressive looks from the outside, and a performance and feature overhaul from top to bottom. Chevy is targeting a young generation of enthusiasts looking to get some bang for their buck in an economy that has, once again pointed a spot light at the compact car.

Let’s start from the outside. Designers of the RS concept have ditched the typical bland (what I call jellybean-shaped) body style found on so many modern compacts (current Aveo included). Aluminum accented exposed headlights, a sleek roof line and wider stance, rear spoiler, chrome exhaust tips, big body colored brake calipers and, get this – 19″ wheels!

Alright, alright, so what else does it have to offer? How about a turbocharged 1.4L power plant and leather seats? The photos suggest some rather upscale technology features too. But why resurrect the digital speedometer? Nothing says “old Buick” like a digital speedometer. Still, these are some major steps up from the current offerings of Chevy’s Aveo.

I’d be very interested to see something like this on the road. Chevy absolutely needs to compete with the youth-friendly compact cars offered by Scion and Ford, at the least. The Aveo RS makes sense on a global scale too. I could see this being popular in Japan and Europe. If Chevy does decide to produce and sell an actual RS, let’s hope they don’t kill the good looks and fun features of the concept. (I’m thinking Aztek, Volt… are you with me?)

Sources: GM [via The Torque Report – gallery]


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