Buick Regal GS Concept Photos

Now that GM has cut ties with Tiger Woods, Buick is going to need something else to keep things exciting for the brand.  The Regal GS may just be the answer.  The Opel Insignia-based sedan gets some subtle aesthetic upgrades and packs a performance punch.

A turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder engine gets the GS moving, with 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque.  The turbo I4 was chosen over a V6 for decreased weight and improved fuel economy.  Although an exact spec isn’t given, Buick says the GS meets their goal of a 0-60 time below six seconds.

All four wheels on the GS are driven, with a bias towards the rear.  The show car is fitted with a 6-speed manual transmission.  In keeping with the performance theme, the Regal GS will have an adaptive shock system with a sport mode.  A redesigned front suspension system should reduce torque steer and improve cornering.

The GS concept is intended to resurrect the sporty bits of Buick’s history.  Since the years of the GNX, Buick has developed a reputation for building unexciting, cushy sedans for… old people.  The Regal GS will compete with midsize sports sedans and entry level luxury cars in the $30k+ range.  The GS certainly has the equipment to compete with the likes of the Audi A4 and Acura TSX.  It should certainly help transform the image of Buick into a more current and competitive brand.

Source: Car and Driver


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    April 7, 2010 at 1:57 am

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