Review: 2010 Cadillac CTS

Well I’ll just come right out and say it: of all the cars I’ve test driven so far, this one’s my favorite. As the current owner of a Cadillac, I could easily see myself driving another one some day. I like the brand’s styling, and it’s focus on performance. I think Cadillacs are the best example of American luxury and the CTS is a global competitor in its class.

If you’ve read my other reviews, you’ll know one of the first things I look for is good leg room and head clearance. Well I can honestly say that I could move the CTS’s driver’s seat too far back! At a certain point, it becomes pretty difficult to reach the steering wheel. With the seat back in a comfortable upright position, I still had an inch or two of head clearance. Good start! The back seats in the sedan do not fold down, but there is a pass through opening that will accept a set of skis or small bag.

The interior styling on the CTS is very luxurious and classy. Good materials and good quality all around. Our test driver came equipped with navigation. Passenger #1 played with the gadgets while passenger #2 kept the salesman busy in the back seat. Let me rephrase that. “chatted with the salesman in the back seat” Anyway, from what I could see/hear, the navigation system was a little tricky to figure out at first. Most of the other controls seemed easy to access and intuitive to use. The seat heater switch was in an odd location, and was slightly blocked by my knee. Our tester had the ultraview sunroof, which was pretty slick, and won’t leak, according to the salesman. I’m willing to take my chances!

Handling was nice and sporty, although the ride was comfortable with the four of us in there. The CTS was nice and smooth around town, gently absorbing cracks, potholes and manhole covers. Joints in pavement were noticeably audible at highway speeds, although the overall road noise was minimal. The four of us could easy hear each other in conversation, even on the highway.

The V6 easily accelerated us to highway speed, and I felt confident there was plenty more power on tap. If I remember correctly, the V6 will gladly run on regular gasoline. Beginning in ’08, the CTS got the AWD option, which is almost a must for me.

Cadillac has introduced a CTS sport wagon option for 2010 as well. While I didn’t drive one, I did get to check out a sharp looking red one in the showroom. It’s got all the great features of the sedan, plus a couple of cool extras. Back seats fold down flat, as you would expect. The rear section has tracks in the floor for securing cargo, and you get the option of an available factory installed roof rack.

Pros: ride & handling, road noise, comfort, features, AWD, wagon

Cons: price

Bottom line – I loved driving this car and would love to spend some more time in it. It’s got great features, available AWD, new sport wagon option, is fun, fast, and luxurious. If you love American cars & want luxury comfort and features but aren’t concerned about the cost, take a CTS for a drive. Be prepared for sticker prices close to $50k.

[Image: Cadilac]


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