Lexus Will Select LF-A Drivers

Own a Ferrari?  Live in Hollywood?  Like to show off?  If you answered “yes” to these questions, congratulations!  You might qualify for a chance to lease a Lexus LF-A.  Sound exclusive?  Don’t worry, they’re looking for 500 people just like you, so you’ve got a really good chance.  Wait, that’s a complete lie.  You’ll be lucky to set eyes on one, much less park one in your driveway.  That’s a real bummer too.  I’ve got about $500k in Christmas money left to spend.  Guess I’ll have to settle for another Lamborghini.

Lexus has decided to make it’s halo car über exclusive by hand-picking eligible owners.  The global car maker is specifically targeting people who already own rare, exotic cars who are willing to drive them in high profile areas.  The goal is to expose the car to the world, instead of park it behind closed doors in a collection that will never be driven.  So, good luck.  All 500 of you.

[The Wall Street Journal via autoblog]


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