Audi A5 2.0T On A Diet: Lightweight Concept

There has been a trend towards heavier cars lately as available features (including safety equipment) increase.  For obvious reason, weight gain is not good for performance.  To address this dilemma, Audi has developed a lightweight A5 concept, designed to improve acceleration and handling.  The result is a trimmed down A5 that weighs in at 2888 lbs, about 500 less than the 3400-lb Euro-spec A5.

Car and Driver compared the lightweight concept with a 2.0T to a stock A5 (equipped with a 3.2-L V6).  They report that Audi’s attempt to improve upon the performance of the V6 coupe has been quite successful.  Cornering has improved noticeably and a 0.3-second improvement in 0-60 is expected, compared to the 3.2’s time.  Apparently Audi is working on a second lightweight concept to target the performance of the V8-powered S5.

[Car and Driver]


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