A Four-Lane NHRA Drag Race!

The National Hot Rod Association has announced the inaugural NHRA Four-Wide Nationals, to be held in March at the zMAX Dragway in Charlotte, NC.  Opened in 2008, this track is the only one of its kind.  An exhibition race was held back in 2008, but 4-lane racing has yet to be included in an actual championship event.

The exhibition race created so much positive feedback from fans, as well as drivers, that NHRA has agreed to introduce the 4-way drag race to a national event.  Running two races at a time will speed up qualifying and eliminations, and driver’s predict that it will increase the level of excitement for spectators.

So why not just race the whole bunch at once?  First one across the finish line is the champion.  Oh, right, that would be too short.  Alright, well how about making the track into a loop, so the race still goes for a while.  The first guy to finish 250 laps wins.  Nah, no one would want to sit around and wait for that to end…



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