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Review: 2010 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro

I’ve been telling myself (and my wife) for while now that I would love to own a European car. Something about them gives me a good vibe. Also, being 6’9″ tall, I need all the leg/head room I can get. The Germans seem to have a reputation for making cars well suited to us taller guys. That would naturally lead me to Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porshe, and VW. Posrche is out of the question (for now), VW’s tend to be a bit small still, the BWM 3 series is cramped, and Mercedes Benz comes with a big price tag, and a reputation for frequent problems. Although I was skeptical about how well I would fit in an A4, I decided to give one a try. Having one parked in my driveway would bring me great joy.

I arrived at the dealership hoping it would be love at first sight (or sit). I sat down in the black 2.0T sedan and sure enough, I was really surprised by how comfortable I was once I got the seat adjusted to my liking. I was impressed by the amount of leg room and head room. The leather seat was quite comfortable, but lacked the lateral support of others I’ve been in. The rear seats split and fold down completely, expanding the impressively large trunk.