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Justin Timberlake Promotes Audi’s New A1

Justin Timberlake will be the star of Audi’s ad campaign for the new A1 model. He was spotted in LA filming a tv commercial, which will evidently only air in Europe. At the moment, the A1 is not expected to be available in the US.

In addition to his ever expanding resume of entertainment and endorsement experience, Justin Timberlake has been given the title of “Brand Ambassador” by German automaker Audi. He will play the lead role in an ad campaign expected to debut early next year. Timberlake’s broad range of talents and immense popularity should lend themselves well to the promotion of Audi’s new vehicle. I mean, he can sing, dance, act, and he’s good looking, but OMG he’s really funny too! Have you seen him on SNL?

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