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Is That Italian Leather?

Speaking of interior decorating…

Here’s the perfect valentine’s day gift for the living room that has everything.  A Lamborghini couch.  I know what you’re thinking –  “I MUST have one!”  Well, you’re in luck, because it’s for sale now on Jameslist.  That’s right, this isn’t just your everyday el-cheapo craigslist Toyota couch.  It’s got extremely low miles and a manual gearbox, which, you know is going make movie watching much more thrilling.  I had a Ford couch back in college with an automatic… not nearly as fun, but decent in the snow.  $5,500 will get you this 2010 model in bright yellow, with what appears to be black leather.  If that’s out of your league, you may still be in luck.  There have been rumors that Lamborghini will introduce a love seat in the 2011 model year.  The price tag is expected to come in just below $4,500.  I think I will be worth the wait. (more…)


GMC Acadia Denali coming in 2011

GMC has revealed photos and a few details of the upcoming Acadia Denali.

A 3.6L, 288 hp V6 will propel the Denali, via a FWD or available AWD drivetrain. Custom 6 spoke 20″ wheels [insert hip-hop lyrics here] connect the crossover to the road in style.

It comes with the usual exterior styling elements of other Denali trucks in GMC’s lineup, plus a long list of features. Denali drivers can expect to enjoy some of the best technologies and comforts GM has to offer.

Sadly, the Denali does not offer a whale penis leather option. As far as I’m concerned, whale penis foreskin leather is the only way to go for luxury SUV interiors. For me, it’s whale skin seats or nothing. I mean it, I’ll just kneel on the floor.

Source: GMC [via Autoblog]