This Might Be My Next Car

Sure, I love my car, and I haven’t even owned it for a year yet, but that won’t stop me from pondering my next auto purchase.  Just about everyone loves to imagine themselves in a newer, or simply, a different car now and then.  I haven’t even cracked 50k miles on my 2008 Jetta Wolfsburg yet (although I’m getting close), so we’ve still got a lot of time to spend together.  This means, practically speaking, my next car purchase is years away.  And that’s ok, because the object of my affection has just been introduced as a concept.

Audi unveiled its new A3 Sedan Concept to the world at the Geneva Auto Show this week, and it’s an absolute beauty.  I already liked the A3 in its current form and, in fact, considered buying one while I was car shopping last year.  I’m a huge fan of Audi’s styling over the past decade, and this new little sedan seems to have all their best attributes combined in just the right ways.  As I browsed through photos, wishing I could have seen it in person, it occurred to me that it looks great from every angle. Read the rest of this page »


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If you’ve been following my blog here for any amount of time it’s obvious that it’s been neglected.  That’s because I’ve been writing for High Gear Media on for a few months now.  Check it for regular news on future cars, car concepts, and upcoming automotive technology.  Thanks for reading!

Spy Photos: 2012 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Autoblog has spied the upcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class.  It’s tough to say what it’s going to look like, as this test mule is pretty heavily disguised. Read the rest of this page »

Spy Photos: Audi A7 Sportback

Development of  Audi’s new A7 is nearing completion, as Autocar’s spy cameras catch it treading in the snow.  The A7, as one might expect, is to be a combination of features from the A6 and A8.  It shares a chassis with the A6, but gets interior treatment similar to that of the more luxurious A8.  It’s targeted competition includes BMW’s 5-Series GT and the Mercedes-Benz CLS. Read the rest of this page »

Is That Italian Leather?

Speaking of interior decorating…

Here’s the perfect valentine’s day gift for the living room that has everything.  A Lamborghini couch.  I know what you’re thinking –  “I MUST have one!”  Well, you’re in luck, because it’s for sale now on Jameslist.  That’s right, this isn’t just your everyday el-cheapo craigslist Toyota couch.  It’s got extremely low miles and a manual gearbox, which, you know is going make movie watching much more thrilling.  I had a Ford couch back in college with an automatic… not nearly as fun, but decent in the snow.  $5,500 will get you this 2010 model in bright yellow, with what appears to be black leather.  If that’s out of your league, you may still be in luck.  There have been rumors that Lamborghini will introduce a love seat in the 2011 model year.  The price tag is expected to come in just below $4,500.  I think I will be worth the wait. Read the rest of this page »

Things Just Got Ugly For Toyota

In addition to recalling millions of vehicles for floor mat / gas pedal interference and sticky throttles, Toyota announced today that it has halted sales of 8 members of its lineup.  Dealerships have been ordered to stop selling the following models:

2009–2010 RAV4
2009–2010 Corolla
2009–2010 Matrix
2005–2010 Avalon
2007–2010 Camrys (certain variations)
2010 Highlander
2007–2010 Tundra
2008–2010 Sequoia

Toyota has not developed a final solution for the problems, and has decided not to sell recalled vehicles.  Additionally, Toyota will suspend production of additional vehicles with the same problem, until they reach a decision on how to solve this.  A total of 2.3 million Toyotas have been recalled for sticky accelerators, and another 3.8 million have been recalled for interference between the floor mat and gas pedal.  Car and Driver notes that about 1.7 million vehicles fall into both categories.

I’m not sure how this can be anything but devastating for Toyota.  Their image of quality and reliability is forever tainted.  The fact that they have stopped sales of 8 different vehicles is going to scare lots of people away for a long time.  General Motors is already trying to attract such people to the showrooms of their own dealerships.  It seems that many of the auto makers infamous for bad quality have made great improvements in the last decade or so, but this is a huge step backwards for Toyota.

[Car and Driver]
[Image: Toyota]

Gallery: 2011 Volkswagen Golf R

There are a few things that really make me wish I wasn’t 6’9″ tall.  Pants shopping, for one.  Beds, doorways, ignorant people, and… tiny little cars like the VW Golf R.  It packs some serious power for a little hatchback, AWD, and some great looks.

According to sources of autoblog, the Golf R will become available in the U.S. later this year.  Its 2.0-L, turbocharged engine cranks out a respectable 265 hp, propelling the little Golf to a top speed of 155 mph.  The manual gearbox will get you from 0-60 in 5.7 seconds, and the dual-clutch version will shave off another 0.2 seconds.  Not bad, considering the R tips the scales at about 3400 lbs.  Bi-xenon headlights and up to 19″ wheels complete a very attractive exterior look.  With a car like this on the market, Chevy’s Aveo RS better be pretty freakin’ sweet.  Just sayin…  See for yourself in the gallery below. Read the rest of this page »